Ryde was created for people who are juggling modern life. People who are looking for a lift in those hectic, distracting, or tired moments. People who want to unlock the best version of themselves every day.

Ryde is being launched in Australia first, and now Canada. If you aren't here in either, hold tight, we probably have plans to bring Ryde to you soon.

Ryplenish Science Inside™ is the science behind Ryde. We asked people what they wanted (and what they did not want) from a wellbeing product. We asked the scientists on our team to deliver these desires. Several years of trial and error later, our formulations were so good that we gave them a name: Ryplenish™.

The Ryde product you see today was created by a team of mums, dads, working professionals, weekend warriors, hobbyists, and adventure-seekers. These same individuals also happen to be PhD scientists, brand marketers, product developers, and sales people all working for The Water Street Collective. We're a wholly owned subsidiary of BAT Plc and operate independently.

Our Ryde products are manufactured in the USA in state of the art facilities. Our ingredients? Well they are sourced from around the world.


I took a Ryde Focus shot right before I wrote out our entire list of FAQs. I’m 75 questions in and still going strong, so that's proof enough for me. [Update] I was told I have to include a bit about our products being scientifically-backed, so there’s all of that as well.

No, it’s designed to be stored at room temperature – so it’s perfect to keep in your pocket or your bag. You can also drink it chilled.

There are currently 3 Ryde shots designed for 3 unique times / moments in your day:
  1. Ryde ENERGIZE is designed to give you a boost, so you can be ready for anything the day throws at you - like a morning meeting or school drop off.
  2. Ryde FOCUS is designed to help you go from distracted to focused, so you can be on top of your game and get things done -like when you need to finish a presentation.
  3. Ryde RELAX is designed to help you find your inner balance, when you need to chill - like those days when it’s important not to take work home with you or before an important meeting.
You can take Ryde at any time of the day, when you feel you need a little helping hand to get you through a particular moment. Just make sure to read the "Directions for Use" on the back of the bottle.