Whatever today throws at you—Ryde: it.

About Ryde:

We know life can get a little crazy. But remember—you’ve got this.

Our sole purpose is to make wellbeing feel easy, instead of adding stress to your day. It’s why we created pocket-size shots that help you feel your best just when you need to. And with their delicious taste and no added sugar, they're the perfect daily ally on-the-go. Every Ryde: shot contains Ryplenish™ – a scientifically-backed formula that's been designed to work just when you need it to.

Our Unique Ryde: Shots

When should I take an ENERGIZE shot?

When you've been a unicorn for an hour and now they want a dragon too.

An invigorating 60ml shot with a natural tropical flavour, Ryde: ENERGIZE works with you in those moments you need a jump start, so you can get your head in the game.

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When should I take a FOCUS shot?

When you think you've got it covered.

An orange-flavoured 60ml shot, Ryde: FOCUS de-fuzzes and fuels your mind, for when you need a lightbulb moment.

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When should I take a RELAX shot?

When you've agreed to go on vacation with the in-laws.

A soothing 60ml shot with a natural raspberry flavour, Ryde: RELAX eases your mind, like your favourite comfy socks.

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Discover Ryde:

Say hello to The Water Street Collective.  The Ryde product you see today was created by a team of mums, dads, working professionals, weekend warriors,  hobbyists, and adventure-seekers. These same individuals also happen to be PhD scientists,  brand marketers, product developers, and sales people all working for The Water Street Collective to create feel-good products for everyone.

Say Hello to The Water Street Collective

We are a business focused on making people feel good. We are a team of non-conformists who wants to help busy people like us better manage their wellbeing.

Learn more at thewaterstreetcollective.com